Replica U-Boat Captains Hat?

Im looking for a Replica of A German Naval Officers Hat. He like the U-Boats so I want to find a replica of a U-baot captains hat. Does anyone know were I can find this? I have already tried

You can get one here, but they’re not cheap

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Since this company’s European and American, in the drawings are sometimes present tree leaves are not characteristic for Russia In fact, in terms of disguising the form of leaves or bark of trees is not essential. It is important to the mutual arrangement of elements of the figure, which is under the supervision of a person dressed in camouflage, smears it on the general background of the forest is important in the overall tone. It may be, say, a red, more brown, etc.

If you’re hunting, for example, on a boat for the ducks in the reeds, it is clear that you have a general tone of the clothing should be yellow, like a reed. More recently, Deerhunter has himself to develop drawings, appeared quite successful for our terms of three-dimensional pattern of Dolce & Gabbana shoes.
I strongly recommend the use of orange items of clothing. From a security standpoint this is very good. Unfortunately, accidents still happen, and in my memory were a few – are annoying, out of stupidity.

In some countries, wearing orange clothing elements on the hunt required. In the U.S., for example, in some states, a hunter must have at least one item of clothing orange in other states – two and a third – all clothes, except shoes from versace shoes for women. We all laughed at first when we came to hunt with these orange items (we’re all by yourself trying to!), Then we started handing out orange ribbons, which are mounted on the head, and then we started asking these ribbons. Not seen in the forest one ….

Now hats man

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